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February 8, 2013

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While bringing attention to this issue is needed, we also need to look at the way we present/analyze it. For all the millions being bought, there are enough individuals willing to buy to create the billion dollar market.

When it comes to violence against women (trafficking, rape, prostitution etc.), as an example,  we are conditioned to analyze the victim (why was she there, what was she wearing/doing/saying) and remove the perpetrator form the equation. Even the phrase “Violence Against Women,”  seems to infer an invisible entity called ‘Violence’ is committing the crimes.

We need to start shifting our paradigm of analysis of crimes to the perpetrator (Perhaps, even naming!!!) and focus on the accompanying mentality/socialized beliefs that allow people to feel okay raping/harming/buying people all together.

Until we’re able to see the fundamental similarities in the structures of national elitism, racism, sexism and classism etc., we limit the efficacy of our movements towards equality and liberty as a whole. Power-over is the fundamental belief system underlying all the above, which supports entitlements to some and ownership of others etc. Power-over will simply be applied differently, depending on the need, if we don’t recognize and dismantle the overall structure.

How do our concepts/values of nation, state, race, gender, class etc. echo those of slavery and allow us to buy into systems that substantiate the exploitation of others?


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